03 Januari 2010

i miss her a lot =,(

today is the first day of schl.
& i don`t feel it..

maybe cuz of my hwks are not done yet..
& also i haven`t buying anything
for the school re-open.

i miss adik,my sister a lot.
i don`t know it`s gonaa be this tougher.

on last friday,i don`t cried but now
i feel like i can`t survive..
& right now. . .
my tears are keep falling down. . .

uhhhhh~i`m not used to it..seriously!
she`s the person who i share most of my time
with..she`s almost my twin =(

& suddenly she`s missing for 3 month..
*take a deep breath*

hoping soon,
i`m getting used to this.

she gave me a key-chain..
later i post it here!

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30 Disember 2009

busy with the outing.

woke up late. planned to watched sherlock holmes
but it was cancel since something bad interfered.
then we`re off to hospital ripas.

this is me.
*spect kuu biut =/*

with a mad girl. . .

just because of high heels..

eaaa duduk cane..

at night,ka mit treat us a dinnerMeal Pictures, Images and Photos
off to PIZAA-HUT & DQ.

my 2 brothers,
japaar & madir.

i also watched mid-night show with my siblings.
me,adik,mamat,japar & madir came to mall at 9.30 pm.
Sherlock Holmes Pictures, Images and Photos is a great movie. he`s to brilliant
& clever,seriously.i`m a big fan of him.

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26 Disember 2009

adik =(

OMG! less than a week my closest sister are going to be far a miles away me. she`ll disappear in my life for 3 months. she`s gonna off to Cairo because my eldest sister studied there.

ka mit & ka diana,
bet we`re gonna cry on that day.
but if we prove them wrong,
they gonna give us B$100.

*pray for me,to get this money..amin!"

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25 Disember 2009

worst day ever.

meet up again.

hoping today we`re enjoy the time we spent together.
but it`s SUCK. it really was.

i hate when he asked me to delete
the strangers who`s now become my
friend at facebook & friendster.

seems like it`s hard for him to trust me..

it make us having a huge fight
until now...

i said something that he forbid. . .
but i wonder why he just replied "it`s gonna hurt you"
and keep silent even i forced him to be honest..

my blog is active back.

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29 November 2009


i`ve done a stupid mistake sad Pictures, Images and Photos

i supposed not to tell but..

i`m gonna make this blog PRIVATE

apologize me.cry emoticon Pictures, Images and Photos


CAUTERIZE - Shooting Stars

I know it's been a long time.
You've lost that look in your eye.
The one that told me everything was fine without a word.
But now we're standing face to face,
with nothing left to say but goodbye to yesterday.

I don't know if I can make it.
I don't know if I'm that strong.
I don't know where we went wrong but somehow it's over.
In my mind I see you clearly.
In my dreams I feel you near me.
I want to know, does this feeling go away?

Like shooting stars we shine and then we fade,
breaking the promises we made.
What about the promises?
What about the promises we made?
What about our plans for forever?
Did they scare you?
Did you need to get away?

You taught me many things.
Like how it feels to miss someone so bad
it feels like a part of you is missing.
I can tell you one thing.
Now that you have gone I never will forget you.
You left your mark.

When I have gone and you've moved on will you remember me?

at last. . .
we promise to each other that
we`ll make it better than it ever was..

& yes,my BEST-FRIEND
is going to be BOY-FRIEND
after my GRADUATION.


heartbeat icon Pictures, Images and Photos

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25 November 2009

uhh~hate him.

screaming & shouting in the phone is our daily routine. . .

like it happen everyday =(
i just can`t stand it,seriously.

i know we`re loving each other
but still it`s not enough..

idk,why when we want to have a
it turn out with something like this.

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